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Guide #001: How to decline an app politely but effectively

Being an admin is hard work, and sadly a part of it is having to decline applications. I’ve admin-ed six different successful RPs over the past 4 years, and these are the tips I live by.

Declining a good app for a role who had a slightly better one:

  • So, this is hard. The app was great, but the other was greater. I know how tough this is, and there are things you can do to make it easier.
  • Decline politely, but let them know that their app did not go unnoticed and without thought. Did you like it? What did you like about it? Tell them. When being declined from an RP or 1x1, throwing in honest compliments is a good thing.
  • Were they what you were looking for ford your RP? Encourage them to try again for a different role. You don’t have to lose them just because there was someone else who wrote the character better.

 » Examples of good declining messages:

Thank you (OOC NAME) for your lovely audition for (CHARACTER NAME), I/we really enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, we’ve decided to select another player for the role. We encourage you to reapply for another character as we/I’d love to have you in the RP with us!
Hello (OOC NAME)! I/We’d like to thank you for your audition for (CHARACTER NAME), but sadly we’ve decided to go with another audition for the character. I/We wish you the best of luck with your future RPing, and we/I’d like to commend you on your obvious talent.

Declining an app that is not good, and there are no other apps for the character:

  • Okay, so this app is average. Just average. The understanding of the character and potential is not up the the bar you’ve set for your RP, but you can’t use the excuse of choosing someone else simply because there hasn’t been anyone else. Don’t fret!
  • The tip is to just thank them for auditioning and remain professional. The more precise and respectful you are, honestly the more the RPer can focus on that and less on the pain of being rejected.

 » Examples of good declining messages:

Thank you so much for your audition for (CHARACTER NAME), we/I really appreciate the time put into this application. Unfortunately, we/I’ve decided after much consideration that you are not a great fit for this RP. I do however, wish you the best of luck in the future!

Declining an app that simply just sucks:

  • So this can sometimes be the worst kind of app to decline, simply because it’s awful. It’s hard! Part of you is whispering: you suck, leave me alone.
  • This can be hard, and what I find helpful is to choose one of two options: 1) Be brief and polite and wish them well, or 2) Be polite and offer them tips on how to improve. This can help them in their RP future when applying elsewhere!

 » Examples of good declining messages:

Thank you for your audition for (CHARACTER NAME), though we’ve/I’ve decided that we do not think you’re not the right fit for this RP. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

Thank you for your audition for (CHARACTER NAME), though we’ve/I’ve decided that we do not think you’re not the right fit for this RP. We/I think if you work on your (ONE SMALL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM), you’ll be on your way! Best of luck.

I hope this helps. If you need anymore advice, my ask box is always open.

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