Guide #002: How to stay cool in times of drama

Writers are passionate people. And when it comes down to it, we are all writers. When moments like now pop up with lots of drama, here is some advice on how to chill. NOTE: I do not mean this to single anyone out or spread hate. I adore all of you, and just want to be helpful.

So, drama again, huh?

These things happen in any and all social settings. And as accepting as we all are here in tumblr, and the RP community (for the most part), this is bound to happen.

Lets paint a picture: Someone posts something. Someone else disagrees. Polite argument turns to sending anonymous hate, and everyone explodes in rage. Lets see how to handle this.

You are directly involved in said drama:

  • Don’t worry, you’re not a bad guy. Things happen, we get passionate, and things escalate. We can handle this!
  • Block any anons sending you hate. If you have a program, check to see who sent it to you, and block that user. Do not publish that person’s URL. As much as it feels good to warn everyone and get people on your side, it just makes everyone more upset.
  • DELETE THE HATE. Do not answer it. Do not publish it. Do not do anything with it but delete that asshole and do not give them the satisfaction of attention. You delete it, you win.
  • Lastly, take a step back. Log off, close the computer, do something else. Write an angsty story, if it helps. But this is not a job, and when it gets tough, you are not obligated to be on.

You aren’t involved, but you see the drama on your dash:

  • This can be hard. Your friends might be involved in the drama, and you want to jump in and defend them: I understand. If they need support, message them privately, skype, aim, etc.
  • Take a deep breath. Do not post about the drama.
  • Need to rant? Rant on a personal. It’s going to make it worse if you rant about it publicly.
  • And again, step away. If it gets too much, do something else. Really, we’re here to have fun. And as much as it sucks, stuff like this happens. But you don’t have to watch it happen if you can’t handle it.
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